Guba, April-May 1918: documented pogroms of the Muslims (2013)

Guba, April-May 1918: documented pogroms of the Muslims (2013)
Title:Guba, April-May 1918: documented pogroms of the Muslims
Author:Solmaz Roustamova-Tohidi
Publisher:Chashioglu Press
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The present edition is a concise version of The Documented Pogroms of the Muslims. Guba. April-May 1918. Collection of Files, Baku, 2010, 552 pages. Published with the support of the Ministry of National Security, the Republic of Azerbaijan. Documents included in the collection were drafted and compiled by the Ad Hoc Investigation Commission established by the Government of Azerbaijan in July 1918 with a view to examining the facts of violence, pogroms and loot towards the Muslim residents and their property all over Transcaucasia as of the beginning of World War 1. The present collection comprises records of The Devastation of the Town of Guba and Villages of Guba Uyezd Case. The records shed the light on tragic events of April-May in Guba Uyezd (name for administrative districts in Czarist Russia) when more than 4 thousand civilians, women, children and elderly ones among them, were brutally massacred, hundreds of villages, households, mosques and public facilities leveled and plundered, assets of the Muslim population of the Azerbaijani, Lezghin, Tat, Avar and other origins looted and destroyed. The three sections of the book present witness testimonies of residents of the town of Guba and adjacent villages of Guba Uyezd recreating the chronology of Muslims’ pogroms, verdicts by rural communities of the Uyezd with numbers of people slain and slaughtered, the size of damages inflicted, the names of villages plundered and devastated, etc. Revealing the details of criminal offences committed by the Armenian militants, the records hereby provided clearly indicate that the events in Guba were a part and parcel of large-scale action plans and operations by the Armenian nationalists aiming at maximum possible decrease of the indigenous Muslim population in all Azerbaijani regions viewed as potential territories for their desired Armenian state. The Collection also includes the historic essay re-edited by the author with detailed reference information and photographs. The map of Guba Uyezd as of 1918 with special comments enclosed.