Turcologica Upsaliensia: an illustrated collection of essays (2020)

Title:Turcologica Upsaliensia: an illustrated collection of essays
Author:Göran Bäärnhielm, Jan von Bonsdorff, Bernt Brendemoen, Ulla Birgegård, Éva Á. Csató, Per Cullhed, Kristof D’hulster, Josef Eskhult, Mohammad Fazlhashemi, Gunilla Gren-Eklund, Hans Helander, Lars Johanson, Birsel Karakoç, Sabira Ståhlberg, Ingvar Svanberg, Fikret Turan, Ali Yıldız
Editor:Volume editors: Éva Á. Csató, Gunilla Gren-Eklund, Lars Johanson, and Birsel Karakoç
Pages:XVIII, 267
ISBN:9789004435704, 9789004435858
File:PDF, 35 MB
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Turcologica Upsaliensia: an illustrated collection of essays. Volume editors: Éva Á. Csató, Gunilla Gren-Eklund, Lars Johanson, and Birsel Karakoç. Leiden: Brill, 2020, XVIII+267 p. ISBN 9789004435704, ISBN 9789004435858

The richly illustrated essays in Turcologica Upsaliensia tell the stories of scholars, travellers, diplomats and collectors who made discoveries in the Turkic-speaking world while affiliated with Sweden’s oldest university, at Uppsala.

The study of Oriental languages, including Turkic, has a long tradition at Uppsala. The first part of the volume tells of famous Uppsala professors who were experts not only in Ottoman and Chaghatay, but also in smaller Turkic languages, and of their high esteem for Turkic culture. It also tells how collectors benefited from the Swedish court’s cordial relations with the Ottomans. The second part describes selected manuscripts, art objects and maps, calling readers’ attention to the cultural heritage preserved at the University Library, which is also accessible online.


Preface … VII

Figures and Tables … IX

Notes on Contributors … XVIII

Gunilla Gren-Eklund. Early History of Uppsala University and the Chair of Oriental Languages … 1

Per Cullhed. Turkic Cultural Heritage in the Oriental Collections of Uppsala University Library … 10

Lars Johanson. Turkic Studies in the Swedish Empire 1632–1718 … 34

Josef Eskhult. Christian Ravius’ Turkic and Semitic Studies and his Work as an Orientalist in the Swedish State Service … 47

Hans Helander. The Turkish Threat in Early Modern Latin Literature … 72

Hans Helander. Gustaf Peringer’s Speech in Praise of the Oriental Languages (1674) and his Evaluation of the Turkish Tongue … 82

Éva Ágnes Csató. Gustaf Peringer and the Karaim … 93

Ulla Birgegård. J. G. Sparwenfeld and the Oriental Languages … 103

Sabira Ståhlberg and Ingvar Svanberg. Frederick Hasselquist in Smyrna and Magnesia … 120

Bernt Brendemoen. The Eighth International Congress of Orientalists, Held in Stockholm/Uppsala and Christiania (1–14 September 1889), and its Echo in Turkish Literature … 129

Birsel Karakoç, Fikret Turan, and Ali Yıldız. Ottoman and Chaghatay Manuscripts at Uppsala University Library … 145

Lars Johanson. Isfahan – Moscow – Uppsala. On Some Middle Azeri Manuscripts and the Stations Along Their Journey to Uppsala … 167

Kristof D’hulster. From Tashkent to Mecca and Back. Notes on an 1885 Hajj Travelogue (Uppsala Ms. O Nov. 370) … 180

Kristof D’hulster. A 19th-century Chaghatay-Kazakh Version of the Story of Jesus and the Skull … 198

Mohammad Fazlhashemi. A Book for Children, Manual in Court Intrigues or Advice for Ethical Government – Appelboom’s Swedish Translation of Kalila and Dimna … 209

Jan von Bonsdorff. Carl Gustaf Löwenhielm’s Turkish Sketchbooks from 1824 to 1827 … 227

Göran Bäärnhielm. An Ottoman Exercise-Book in Map-Drawing Based on Pīrī Re’īs’ Sailing Handbook … 240

Index … 263