T’ovma Metsobets’i. History of Tamerlane and his successors (2021)

T'ovma Metsobets'i. History of Tamerlane and his successors (2021)
Title:History of Tamerlane and his successors
Author:T’ovma Metsobets’i
Translator:Robert Bedrosian
Language:English, Grabar
Series:Dual language series
Place:Los Angeles
ISBN:1925937755, 9781925937756
File:PDF, 0.97 MB
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T’ovma Metsobets’i. History of Tamerlane and his successors. Translated by Robert Bedrosian. Los Angeles: Sophene Books, 2021, 210 p. ISBN 1925937755, ISBN 9781925937756

T’ovma Metsobets’i’s History describes events taking place on the Armenian highlands and in Georgia during the Turco-Mongol invasions of Timur Leng (Tamerlane). These invasions were made upon a society which already had been gravely weakened by the preceding decades of warfare and persecution from Turkmen, Kurdish, and Ottoman groups now resident in the area, and from Mongols of the Golden Horde in the north Caucasus. The History begins with the deyastations wreaked on the district of Siwnik’ by the northern Tatars in 1386. Tamerlane’s invasions are described with the blood-curdling immediacy of a terrified eye-witness. The account is more detailed for the first three decades of the 15th century, describing the impact on Armenian economic, intellectual and religious life of this dismal period. This edition was translated into English by Robert Bedrosian in 1977.

Notes: Parallel English and Armenian text. Originally published under title: Patmutʻiwn Lank-Tʻamuray ew hajordatsʻ iwrots’.

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